At J7 Sports we...

...ensure every child is SAFE.

  • Through our online booking system, we ensure that we have up-to-date information about each child, including medical and emergency details.

  • This information is kept on our online booking system at all times and can only be accessed by authorised people; we don't print this information out.

  • The information can be accessed both online and offline.

  • Using this, we ensure that our coaches know if children have any specific needs that we need to be aware of.

  • We ensure that there is always enough coaches for the number of children.

  • We do not leave individual children alone at any times during the day.

  • We make sure the children know the fire procedures.

  • We ensure that the children know which parts of the venue we an enter.

  • We ensure that access to the school is restricted outside drop - off and collection hours by keeping the front gate closed / locked.

...ensure every child has FUN.

  • We try to make our games / sessions as active and engaging as possible where the children spend as little time as possible standing still.

  • During our coaching camps, we run the J7 League on the last day of each camp to allow the children to compete in a competition against each others. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

  • We deliver coaches challenges at the end of each day where the children take on the coaches in a challenge - this is always good fun and builds up a good relationship with the children.

  • We allow the children plenty of opportunities to laugh, smile and joke, whilst playing and enjoying their football.

..ensure every child is RESPECTED.

  • Although we allow children to joke and have a laugh with each other, we do ensure that they respect each other. 

  • We deal with any 'bullying' issues strongly and always contact adults if needed.

  • In addition, we ensure that, as coaches, we listen to the children and deal with any problems immediately.

  • Due to this, it is rare that we have any issues on our coaching camps.

..ensure parents are INFORMED.

  • As said, if there are any issues at all, we always contact parents immediately and have discussions at the end of the day.

  • Prior to our activities, we ensure that all information is available on our website and we always email out confirmations before each activity commences.

  • During coaching camp weeks, we always send daily feedback emails to keep everyone informed of what has happened each day and what is coming up. ​​

  • We release newsletters and email out to parents to keep them up-to-date with what we are doing.



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