Read below to find out how you take part in this challenge and email me if you have any questions.

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Limited edition J7 Training Top

At J7 Sports, we have developed a new Home Learning Challenge in order for us to:

1) Encourage extra learning and physical activity at home during this period.

2) To give something back to your amazing children.

3) Keep in touch with you / your children at a time when all of or events are being cancelled.


Children are now set a certain number of challenges to achieve each home learning award from Bronze to Diamond (these can be seen on the poster at the bottom of this page). By working through the awards, your child can win:

Upto £55 to spend on coaching camps
A limited edition J7 Training Top
A J7 Sports Wristband
A football

Children can just still only complete the home challenges and earn £1 for each completed (up to £35), but they can also choose to complete the other challenges/activities to win the additional money and the chance to win the other prizes by completing the last 3 awards.


Children do win certificates (see bottom of page) as they go through the awards. A copy of this will be sent via email whenever the child's first activity has been completed, and a copy will be sent via post whenever your child passes an award. 

To complete the awards, children need to complete the challenges/axctivites on the poster. These are outlined below.

Home Challenges
Fun Activities
Player Set Challenges
Create Own Challenge

Posted onto our Facebook 

page every morning Monday to Friday for the children to do. These do not need to be posted onto our Facebook page/emailed each day, but they do need to be posted by Sunday of each week.


So, if you wanted, you could complete all of a week's challenges in one go and post them.

See these below.

These activites need to be downloaded from our website. You can print them and complete them with pen/pencil, or complete using Microsoft Word.


You could complete all 10 and send them to me at once to pass that part of the challenge, or you could send 2 a week, etc. It is up to you.

Download below.

These are challenges that have been set by our players for other players to complete.


You need to record your child doing these and send them to  us.


You could do a video with all 5 in if you would like and send to me to pass that part of the challenge.

See these below.

Make a video of your child setting their own challenge. These can have any physical activity theme - like football, dance, gymnastics, trampoline, martial arts, fitness, etc. 


Please send these to us when complete. I can then post 1 or more for other children to complete. The amount is up to you.

See below to see which have been done.

  • The deadline for these is 3.15pm on Friday 17th July.

  • If we do return to school before, I will limit the number of daily home challenges that I send to 2 a week.

  • This will still allow easily for 35 to be completed to achieve the diamond award.

  • During Easter Break, I will only be posting 4 challenges in week 1 (Monday to Thursday) and I will encourage children to have a go at creating their own or completing someone else during week 2.

  • During Summer Half - Term, I will post 3 daily challenges.

As said, the poster below has some details on the amount that children need to complete to pass each award, and It does sate how much money can be won by completing each, and the link buttons above show you all of the challenges and is where you can download all of the activities.

Finally, please email/Facebook message us if you have any questions whatsoever about anything.

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