J7 Sports is a coaching camp run by Selby based primary school teacher Jamie Wheeler, who has delivered coaching camps in the local area since 2012. He is also a fully qualified football, cricket and hockey coach, manages a local football team and leads PE in the school that he works at. He also works with a local high school teacher, Steve Morton, a college student/PE coach, Matthew Pooley, and a high school student, Archie Wilks, to deliver coaching camps and other services in the Selby Area.

We started out as 'Selby Cricket Club Coaching Camps' in 2012, where we delivered cricket coaching camps at Selby Cricket Club, before we joined forces with Selby Hands of Hope in 2014, where we started running cricket, football and multi-sports camps in York and Selby. Following 2 successful years working alongside them, Jamie set up 'Aspire 7 Sports Coaching' and continued delivering a variety of coaching camps in Selby and York. Due to work commitments and time restraints, Jamie dissolved that company and joined forces with i2i Football Academy in 2017 until Easter 2019.​ Now, in partnership with Brayton Primary School, Jamie has set up J7 Sports and continues to run coaching camps, along with weekly football academy sessions at Brayton Primary School. 

Here are our main 4 aims and details on how we have met these over the years.


1) To offer as many sporting opportunities as possible to local children, schools and clubs in the Selby area.


- Sports Coaching Camps: 66

- Football Academy blocks: 10

- GK Academy blocks: 1

- Futsal Academy blocks: 2

- Places booked: 2,367

- Tournaments and league for local school: 14

- Football Galas for local clubs: 1

3) To offer a platform for young coaches to be able to excel/develop as coach by offering a variety of opportunities to work with coaches and children in different environments.


- Our young coaches have worked on coaching camps and academy sessions, taken on roles at our football galas and sports competitions and have undertaker volunteer and paid roles at a local school.

2) To offer local schools and teams the chance to win sponsored J7 Football Kits & training equipment. To offer free places to schools to use as raffle prizes. To make donations to local schools, charities and clubs for other causes.


- Free places awarded to people/schools: £250

- Donations to charities: £750

- Football/training kit, equipment sponsorship: £500

- Other donations: £350

4) To offer support to local PE Co-Ordinators and football coaches.


- Links to football sessions plans and sports sessions plans are available on our website. Some of these have been created by the J7 team and some have been adapted from resources found online to show how we would run them.